OPENÎMES, the area brand of the City of Nîmes

OPENÎMES is here to help you experience, appreciate and learn about the Nîmes Metropolitan area in all its diversity, whether you’re a tourist, student, future resident or investor.

No matter what it is you want or need, and why, you will find on this website all the information you need to be well prepared for your arrival in Nîmes and the greater Metropolitan area.

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Why an area brand?

  • The brand allows us to name and identify the area outside its natural borders, both in France and abroad.
  • The brand has simply become an essential element in making the area come alive.
  • It enables area ambassadors to explain who they are and be represented by the audiences they meet
  • And finally, its purpose is to help residents of the area to bear their identity with pride.

The area brand: Driving growth

  • By providing external audiences with a unified image of the Nîmes Metropolitan area, the area brand becomes a driving force for bold communication.
  • It allows Nîmes Métropole to address these audiences in a non-institutional manner, while showcasing the area’s appeal.

Nîmes métropole

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