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4 business parks, 1 airport, 3 business incubators, 22 technology platforms: the Nîmes Metropolitan area creates the conditions for success by fostering an ecosystem around economic development.

Why “ecosystem”? Because all these facilities are dedicated to specific sectors, and they promote the development of both companies and research by actively bridging the two.

Nîmes Métropole regards economic development as a top priority for the area’s development and the primary vehicle for its operations in the coming years. After implementing the initial infrastructure and business parks, Nîmes Métropole hopes to position itself as the catalyst for economic development and job creation by optimising all the area’s resources for the benefit of business creation, development and establishment.

To achieve this, there needs to be a favourable environment for:

  • receiving, creating and establishing new companies and businesses.
  • the further development of existing economic actors in the area.

This mission aims to offer companies a structuring and high-performance professional environment, as manifested in:

Business parks that are exemplary in terms of sustainable development and that meet Nîmes Métropole’s commitment to the eco-planning of its Commercial Zones (management of energy, water, green space, etc.). That means:
21 business parks, including 4 community-initiative business parks: Actiparcs (Mitra, Georges Besse, Grézan and Bouillargues), theme-based commercial zones that guarantee structuring, high-performance professional environments conducive to the creation of new companies and businesses.


Nîmes Métropole has built its own high-speed, fibre-optic network: Gecko is 350 kilometres of optical fibre that helps companies in the area speed up their development.

At the initiative of Nîmes Métropole, a data centre is being constructed in the area to allow companies to find completely secure local resources.