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The Open Tourism Lab is a startup accelerator with the theme “Tourism and Innovation”, created in
summer 2017.
Backed by the Occitania Region and the City of Nîmes, Open Tourism Lab is an
innovation hub dedicated to driving entrepreneurship and innovation in tourism.
Ten innovative startups in the tourism industry became the first companies to benefit from the Open Tourism Lab accelerator
in April 2018: Press article
The first startups are: Biodiv Go, Cognidis, Cool’n Camp, Doyoogo,, French Wine Tour, Geovina, Kookooning, Twino, Ürbik


The programme offers selected startups 100 days of intensive, tailored support,
focusing on business support and fund raising, over a period of 1 year. This support should
ensure their transitions through various market stages and allow them to reach and/or
speed up the commercialisation of their innovative product/service.
To this end, Open Tourism Lab provides:

First-rate operational support

An agora dedicated to the tourism trade and its events programme “Open
Events” (conferences, theme-based workshops, meetups, showroom, etc.)

availability of premises in their coworking space

Nationwide exposure through established networks and numerous endorsements

(France Tourisme Lab, French Tech, FrenchSouthDigital, GarDigital, etc.)
Visit our website to find out about our coworking offerings for nomads and
residents, ranging from half-days to a full month!

Nîmes Fab Lab

Logo Le FabLab de Nîmes

A collaborative and digital manufacturing space open to anyone based in the Open Campus.
This creative space’s mission is to build synergy between
teachers and educators, companies, nonprofit organisations and private individuals for the purpose of
developing innovative, joint projects in our area.

– Access to and use of various machine tools, such as: laser cutters, 3D printers,
CNC machines and all kinds of electrical and computer

– A creative space that encourages people to interact and work together.

– Support for the development of innovative ideas and collective projects that let each person express
their creativity through various events like workshops, training courses, Open
tinkering camps or hackathons.

This project is being carried out by the City of Nîmes and the nonprofit organisation Les Incroyables
Possibles, a coalition of nonprofit organisations, companies and citizens intent on
creating a collective dynamic.

I2ML Mediterranean Institute for professions dedicated to longevity

Logo i2ml

The i2ml is about a philosophy of supporting the population in ageing well by putting
human beings at the core of this process.
Expertise at the service of companies and communities with the goal of improving the quality of
life for the elderly.
– New product or service development consulting

– Educate employees on the subject of ageing well

– Project experimentation in real-life situations in an living lab experimental apartment

– Stay at the forefront of innovation by supporting I2ML research and development.

Competitiveness clusters / Technology platforms

Logo Safe Cluster

This cluster, positioned in the security and safety end markets, aims to develop solutions
that respond to new risks, new threats and new societal expectations and

The goal of these missions is to help draw out and structure the needs of rescue organisations,
authorities and companies in their research and development work as well as
help them access innovative safety and security products and services.
SAFE Cluster works in 3 key areas:

– Infrastructure security (sensitive areas and networks),

– Assistance to public and private sector security forces

– Risks associated with vulnerable areas (environmental, industrial, etc.)

In the City of Nîmes area, the SAFE Cluster provides assistance to the “civilian security”
sector and is helping to develop a European civilian security centre on the
Nîmes Garons Airport Platform.

Logo Eurobiomed

EUROBIOMED’s highest priority is to help foster a dynamic ecosystem surrounding the Healthcare and Medical Devices professions in the Nîmes area.

In addition to organising major national events in the City of Nîmes, including national meetings on medical devices, EUROBIOMED helps and supports companies and startups more generally in the medical device industry and the healthcare sectors.

EUROBIOMED is one of the OpeNîmes Economic Development Agency’s special partners.

Logo Optitec

For more than 15 years, the competitiveness cluster OPTITEC has brought together and run the network of those in photonics and imaging in the far south of France.

With close to 220 members, manufacturers, research laboratories and academic partners, the OPTITEC cluster takes part in research development and draws out
innovative projects in 4 strategic areas:

– Security and defence (hyperspectral and infrared imaging, virtual or augmented reality,
lidars, etc.)

– Medical and health care (adaptive optics, X and multimodality imaging, spectroscopy)

– Smart cities (LED and OLED technology, fibre optics, photovoltaics)

– Industries of the Future (laser machining, metrology, THz sensors, online monitoring)

Logo Aerospace Valley

An accredited “global competitiveness cluster”, AEROSPACE Valley has been involved, since 2005,
in promoting innovation and strengthening the New-Aquitaine and Occitania / Pyrenees-Mediterranean
regions’ position of excellence in the field of Aeronautics, Space and
Embedded Systems.

Aerospace Valley has an ever-growing number of members coming from large companies, SMEs,
research laboratories, universities, including top-ranking universities (grandes écoles), government bodies
and economic development organisations, and is ranked among the top three competitiveness clusters
for their cooperative R&D project performance.

Bic Innovup

Logo Bic Innovup

BIC Innov’up is an incubator for innovative projects and companies. It helps startups get created and develop their business, and also provides support to more mature companies developing innovative projects.

BIC assists project initiators, companies and all those who undertake ventures, so they can succeed under the best conditions and at every critical step in the development of their project.

BIC Innov’up’s support comes in the form of advice, training and discussion meetings. It provides office space so you can work on your project. The space is available even if you have not yet created your company.

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