Why Nîmes


It has everything!

Innovation, sectors of excellence, major facilities, real estate — the City of Nîmes area is an ideal haven for companies.

As a catalyst for economic development and job creation, the City of Nîmes makes the most of all the resources of the area
to encourage the creation, development and establishment of companies.

The City of Nîmes has set up a tool to foster the influx of businesses: the Hello Package, a set of resources and services for companies and their employees’ families.


Why Nîmes?

10 great reasons to locate your business here


1. An area that’s open to the world

Openîmes represents the promise of an area that’s open to the world, to a diversity of talent eager to seize the opportunities it offers, to companies, investors, virtuous circle partnerships and finally…open to innovative solutions.


2. A strategic location at the very heart of the Mediterranean axis

The greater Nîmes area has access to infrastructure that places it 1hr 15min from Lyon and Marseille, 3hrs 20min from Barcelona, 2hrs 45min from Paris, 3hrs 30min from Lille…


3. Gateway to Occitania, PACA, Rhône Alpes regions

By choosing the City of Nîmes, you give your company a strategic position that allows it access to the rest of the world.


4. A great place to live

Leisure activities, history, culture, nature, events… Discover the perks to quality of life that the City of Nîmes has to offer!


5. Successful businesses

Several companies have developed their business in this area – learn more about them.


6. Nîmes — centre of innovation

The City of Nîmes has 21 technology platforms serving companies (link), competitiveness clusters, incubators, accelerators and large research organisations (for each one, link toward the corresponding site).



7. Top schools and universities

Our area has cultivated a great deal of talent, thanks to a very wide-ranging selection of

higher education courses and programmes.


8. City of Nîmes — a place of enterprise and ingenuity

Handed down from our Roman roots are the spirit of invention and of project engineering, the ability to take action for the future, as well as the energy to build and reinvent.


9. Land and real estate for businesses

Are you planning on setting up your business in Nîmes? Find all the information on available property and real estate for businesses.


10. Renowned sectors of excellence

Civilian security, risk, medical devices, innovation, tourism… Learn more about our sectors of excellence.


Need more than 10 great reasons? Contact us!


Direction du Développement Economique (Economic Development Board)


04 66 02 55 40


Business Network

With Openîmes, you’ll join a network of institutional or non-profit partners whose sole purpose is to accelerate the development of your business.

Since Openîmes is your single access point for meeting them, based on your needs and where you are in your project, it makes everything easy!


Leader occitanie

Service clubs:


Zonta international

Our gems

The City of Nîmes area is brimming with “gems”, innovative companies that were able to make the most of the area’s assets so as to develop their business and become leaders in their industry.

Learn more about them!


Hello Package

· Support for businesses

  •   human resources
  •   management, finance, accounting
  •   property, real estate
  •   business networks, business development
  •   institutional relationships (ICC, regions, etc.)
  •   support for innovation
  •   investment support, etc.

· Support for families

  •  real estate agencies
  •  notaries
  •  nurseries, schools, children/youth
  •  middle schools, high schools, universities
  •  doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics
  •  sports activities
  •  cultural activities, etc.

As your project moves forward, the most useful services to the company and its employees are activated based on a suitable timeline.


Nîmes métropole

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