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The Greater Nîmes Metropolitan area is organised into large, topographically distinct zones with their own charm and distinctiveness: Leins-Gardonnenque, gateway to a mountainous rural area at the foot of the Cévennes with a string of old villages exuding timeless charm.

The Gardonnenque, a stone’s throw away, takes its name from the Gardon gorges, which have shaped this region and is home to an extraordinary biodiversity.

The Vaunage, west of Nîmes, is a wide valley carved by the Rhôny stream, which was once enclosed for a long time and around which the inhabitants have developed a strong cultural identity.

Les Costières, the end point of the Côtes du Rhône, offers its celebrated vineyards and endless olive groves .

Garrigues, a wide plateau covered in fragrant Mediterranean shrubs with very rich fauna, originating from the degradation of the primitive oak forest and human animal herding activities.

And the Camargue, at the southernmost tip of the area, begins in Saint-Gilles. To learn more, visit the website of Saint-Gilles tourist office

The Nîmes Metropolitan area
is 39 municipalities…

There’s Nîmes, of course, the beacon city that illuminates the entire surrounding area with its Romanness.

But the Greater Nîmes Metropolitan area consists of 39 municipalities, each with its own unique identity, culture, history and environments that tell the story of their town…

To explore them further:

Interactive map of the Nîmes Metropolitan area

Hover over the zones in the map below to learn the names of the municipalities of the area.